Prayer Of Thanks For Sins Forgiven

Father, my heart kneels before You in grateful thanks and praise for I have sinned and done so many things that do not deserve Your love or forgiveness and I confess that I have rejected Your free gift of salvation, simply because I could not understand in my mind how anyone could die for my sins, especially the Creator of the earth and God of the Universe. I confess Lord, that I turned my back on You through ignorance and pride and yet in Your love You sought me out.

Thank You, Lord, that there is no sin that I have committed that cannot be forgiven by You and there is nothing hidden on my guilty past that cannot be cleansed and healed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Lord, I desire that You unlock my heart and even cleanse me of those hidden sins which I thought were too gross to merit Your forgiveness, and which I have suppressed from my conscious memory.

But I confess all my sins before You and believe that by Your sacrificial death and glorious resurrection, I have been forgiven of my sins and released from powerful hold that sin had over my life. Thank you that by grace through faith, I been set free from all guilt and am no longer under Your condemnation, but I am now a child of God, accepted in the Beloved. Thank You, in Jesus' name,