Prayer Of Thanks For My Wife

Heavenly Father, thank You for my wife and all that she means to me. Thank You for bringing such a good woman into my life to be my helper and friend as well as my lover and comfort.

Thank You for her love for You Lord, and I pray that day by day our marriage may become stronger so that together we may grow in grace, and that our mutual love for each other and for You may blossom into the marriage partnership that You desire for each of Your children.

Bless our lives together, and unite us in a closer bond of unity with each other so that together we may stand shoulder to shoulder as we carry out the life-work that You have given to us, to the glory of Your name.

Forgive us those times when we have allowed the niggles of life and the foolishness of our sin natures to sour the special relationship we have with each other, knowing that the enemy seeks to instil disunity in Christian lives and marriages. Help us instead, to quietly and humbly apologise for our own short comings and change our thinking, so that we consider the needs of the other before our own.

Thank You for the precious blessing of my wife. In Jesus' name,