Prayer Of Love And Dedication To God

Heavenly Father, thank You that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that You knew me even before my mother conceived me. Thank You that You know all about me and that there is nothing hidden within, about which You do not know. 

Thank You for loving me so much that You died for me on the cross, and thank You that You rose from the dead and broke the power of sin and death in my life. Oh Lord, You gave me life when I was physically born into this world and then You gave me spiritual life when I was born-again into Your family, by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to thank You with all my heart for being my Saviour and forgiving my sins, for redeeming my life from destruction, and lifting me up out of the miry clay and setting my feet on the Rock of my Salvation. Lord, I desire to dedicate all I am to You, to live my life in humble submission, looking to Jesus, trusting Your Word and obeying Your commands.

Lord, I want to live by faith and not by sight. I want to walk in spirit and truth to Your praise and glory and not to simply satisfy my own personal wants and wishes. Give me grace to live a life that is well-pleasing to You and may I become a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto You. Search my heart I pray, for any areas that are not pleasing to You and help me in the power of Your Spirit to be holy, for You are holy. In Jesus' name I pray,