Prayer Of Humility Before Our Gracious Father

Thank You, Father God, for the wonderful grace that You have bestowed on all Your children, which enables us to live by Your grace, and to grow in grace. Grace which empowers us with sufficient strength and abilities from above, to live and work to Your praise and glory.

Lord, it was by Your grace that we were saved and brought into Your family, forgiven of our sins, given access to Your throne of grace and imputed with Christ’s righteousness.

It was by Your grace that we were given eternal life, indwelt by the Holy Spirit and awarded a heavenly citizenship with an inheritance that is imperishable, and will never pass away. And it is also by Your everlasting-kindness that You give grace to those that are humble and oppose those that are prideful and arrogant.

I pray that I live in humility of spirit and meekness of mind, so that I may reap the divine benefits of Your gift of grace, which You have promised to bestow on all who humble themselves before Your holy Presence. In Jesus' name I pray,