Prayer Of Helplessness After Tragic Death

Oh Lord, I have neither words to speak nor the strength to stand and I come to You grief-stricken because of this terrible tragic loss. All I can cry is Abba, Father. All I can ask is, Why?

Lord, You know the shocking facts of this tragic death and You know the deep despair I feel as I now have to face the future without this precious person. Lord I feel so shocked, so alone, so abandoned, so helpless, even though I know within my heart that You are there with me, and have Your loving arms all around me. Draw me very close to Yourself at this time Lord I pray. I need You. 

Oh Lord, I feel so empty, so hollow, so numb and even afraid of the future. Lord, I don’t know what to do or where to turn, except to look to You and plead that in Your grace, You will help me to get through this and bring me out the other side. Lord, I have no-one but You. 

Help me Lord, to come to terms with this tragic death and help me I pray, to face the future with courage. And Lord, although I doubt that You will ever fully answer my question, “why”, yet I pray that You will give me an understanding heart. Help me to come to terms with what has happened. Be my comfort, my strength and my hope in Whom I trust. In Jesus' name I pray,