Prayer Of Forgiveness For An Abusive Father

Loving Father God, I come to You today to lift up my father in prayer. Lord, You know better than anyone else how difficult and abusive he was towards me and towards others as well. You know the suffering, pain and ridicule that I had to endure at his hands, for so many years.

My hurt and anger towards him is tinged with pity and sadness, because we were not able to have the sort of loving relationship that a child should have with his father, and this is of great sadness to me. I know Lord, that in his own way he tried to do his best, but he was so eaten up with bitterness and anger that he was unable to express it in any other way.

Forgive my father I pray, and help me to forgive him as well, truly to forgive him and not to hold any resentment against him, for I know that is not only destructive to me but has ongoing repercussions with those I love.

Forgive my father Lord and heal him, and I pray that one day he may come to hear that Christ died to pay the price for his own sins and rose again to break the power of death in the life of all that believe. I pray that my father would hear this and accept Jesus as his Saviour. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, my Saviour and Lord,