Prayer of Deliverance From Spiritual Apathy

Loving Lord I ask You to deliver me from any spiritual apathy and luke-warmedness that has crept into my life almost unseen, as I have drifted away from Your arms of grace.

I know in my heart that I have left my first love – the Lord Jesus Christ and have neglected the things that I ought to do while doing all the things that I should not have been doing – and Lord, I ask Your forgiveness

I come to You now in sorrow of heart knowing that I have wasted such precious time, as I recall the beautiful fellowship we once enjoyed. But Lord in Your grace I ask that You restore me and refresh me and renew a right spirit within me. Revive my flagging spirit with the breath of life from Your Spirit of joy - for in You is life and joy and love for evermore.

Thank You Lord that when I am faithless YOU remain faithful and true forever – praise Your holy name,