Prayer Of Deliverance From Adultery

Heavenly Father, I have wandered far away from You and become deeply embroiled in an extra-marital affair from which I want to break free.. so that I may get my life back on track. Deliver me I pray from this life of lies and deception.. Deliver me from the guilt and shame that is overwhelming me .. and I pray that in Your grace You would help me to flee every kind of sexual immorality, or of any impurity, or fleshly lust, from this day forward..

I have been weak-willed and careless in my Christian life and utterly foolish and selfish in my own marriage – and my adultery has adversely affected the lives of too many people – deliver me from the shame I feel, for I know that I am guilty on all counts.. and my sin is constantly on my mind -

Lord I confess my fault to You. I pray for Your forgiveness and repent of all my adulterous sins, but I need to ask forgiveness of my spouse.. and all the other people whom I have hurt due to this affair.. and I ask that in Your grace You would help me to do what is right. Oh Lord help and deliver me from the guilt and pain I feel and from the dark cloud of shame that is hanging over me like a shroud. Return to me the joy that I once knew in You.. and lead me in the way of righteousness – in His name sake,