Prayer Of Confession To God For A Prodigal

Heavenly Father, my sins are as scarlet and my heart has been bloodied and bruised.. and I feel that I have lost the right to be called Your child. I have spent so much of my life pleasing myself, with little concern for the feelings of others. I know that I have done so many things that are displeasing to You.. but also I have not done anything that is right in Your eyes.

Lord I confess my foolish pride and my selfishness and I ask for Your forgiveness. Lord You promised in the Bible that even if my sins were scarlet, (which they are), that You would wash them clean through the blood of Jesus Christ. Please forgive me Lord, for I know that in everything I have sinned against You and You alone.

Father, as I read through the parable of the prodigal son, I feel like that guy, I have lost all right to be called Your child, and yet like the father in the story, You have bestowed on me over and above all that I could ask or imagine – and it is all an amazing gift of Your grace.

Thank You Lord for forgiving me and for remaining faithful to me.. even when I became faithless and foolish towards You. Thank You that when I wandered far away, Your desire was for my penitent return into Your arms.

I pray that from this day forward and in YOUR strength I may learn to live the life that You would have me live, and behave towards You in a manner that honours Your glorious name, I ask this in Jesus name,