Prayer Of An Engaged Couple

Loving Heavenly Father, we come to You together on this special occasion of our engagement, giving You our grateful thanks that You brought us together, in love. Keep us united in love to each other and to You, and help us to keep You in the rightful place in our hearts and in our lives.

You are the God of love and we thank You Lord, that You have caused such a deep love for each other to develop between us. We want to dedicate our future together to You, Lord. Be with us Lord, as we grow closer together, and as we make our plans for the future, we ask that You would guide us and direct us in all our decisions. Lord, we desire to be pure in Your sight and chaste in each others company, and pray that you would keep us from temptation.

Unite us in love and peace and teach us Your ways as You guard us and guide us. And just as You poured out a special blessing on the young couple in Cana of Galilee, we pray that You would bless our union, bless our engagement. Bless us Lord, from this day forward and for evermore. In Jesus' name we pray,