Prayer For Wisdom With Money

Dear Lord Jesus, You said in Your Word that if anyone needed wisdom they were to ask You and You give it freely to all who ask. I come to You today to ask for wisdom, especially in my dealings with money and finances.

Lord, I do not have a lot of money or savings, but I have always had sufficient, for which I praise Your name. However, the price of all the necessities of life seem to be rising and I ask You to give me wisdom on how to spend my money wisely.

Lord, I know that however much or however little I have in my purse I can always spend it on something, and I think it was Proverbs that says that money is like a wild animal that needs to be tamed.

Give me wisdom, Lord, to use the money I have wisely, to be generous without being foolish, to be liberal without being imprudent, to give willingly when prompted by You without feeling obliged to give to everyone in need.

Thank You Lord,