Prayer For Wisdom

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your Word, which reminds us of the importance of asking You for godly wisdom when we feel that we are lacking in understanding or discernment, for You have promised to give generously to all who ask in faith.

Lord, there are many areas of my life in which I desire to apply godly wisdom, and I pray that by Your grace, You would supply me with a sound mind so that I may be able to give an answer to whosoever asks me about the faith that I have in the Lord Jesus Christ. And Father, by Your grace, I pray that this will help to prevent me from being tossed about by the many winds of doctrine and false gospels that are being peddled today, by blind teachers of the blind.

Help me to truly ask in faith, for I know and believe that Your Word is true and I trust You to keep Your Word. I confess Father, at times I doubt that You include me in this promise as well, so help me to overcome any doubts that may surface in my heart and may my faith in You become strong and my wisdom from You be used to Your praise and glory. In Jesus' name I pray,