Prayer For Vindictive Work Colleagues

Heavenly Father, You know the very difficult time I am having at work and of the work colleagues who are so unkind and so difficult, who are seeking to do all they can to cause me problems and to discredit me in front of the management. Father, I come to You in prayer to ask for Your grace and strength so that I may face this ongoing barrage of daily criticism and cruelty with the spirit of Christ Jesus my Lord.

Father, I know that the Lord Jesus told us to love our enemies and to pray from those that persecute us and despitefully use us. Help me to have a forgiving heart and to pray as Jesus did on the cross about those that were crucifying Him, “Father forgive them…” Spark in my heart Your spirit of forgiveness and Lord, I do truly ask Your blessing on them. Lord, I pray that they may come to know Jesus and that the hatred that they have in their hearts towards me may turn to a love for Jesus, and result in salvation for their souls.

Give me wisdom to know how to respond. Keep me from displaying fear or anger, but rather, may I show gentleness of spirit and grace in action that only comes from You. Thank You that Your grace is sufficient for this trial, and may You be glorified as I face these work colleagues in Your strength. In Jesus' name I pray,