Prayer For Travellers

Loving Lord, I pray Your grace and protection over all those that are travelling today, by road or rail, air or water or even by foot, for there are many dangers that can cause accidents, so many of which could be prevented. Protect each person that is having to travel today and bring them safely to their destination.

Keep those that are transporting others or who in charge of other people’s journeys alert and focussed on their duties, and prevent any untoward accidents from occurring, so that lives may not be lost unnecessarily.

Lord, for those that are travelling that do know You, I pray that they would know Your constant presence with them. For those that do not know You as their Saviour, I ask that in Your grace, You would draw close to them and give them an opportunity to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ, perhaps through a conversation they have with someone sitting next to them, or through a bill-board that may cause them to reflect on the truth of the gospel.

Lord, thank You that every journey is in Your hands. Watch over me today as well I pray, and all those that I love in our respective travels, and draw us ever closer to Yourself. In Jesus' name I pray,