Prayer For Those With Short Term Memory Loss

Heavenly Father, there are many people who are suffering with short-term memory loss and many different reasons for their suffering.. and so we lift up each one to You and pray that in Your grace and mercy You would intervene in their lives and bring healing to each one in every area of their lives - spirit soul and body 

Whether it is abuse of drugs and alcohol or sleep deprivation.. depression and stress, a deficiency in their diet or even a stoke, head injury, or accident, You are the  one who created our bodies and You are the one who knows everything that is needed for health and wholeness.. and to bring back their precious memory.

We pray that You would give the medics the wisdom and skill to correctly diagnose the cause of memory loss and to know what to do to treat and the correct it, so that they may be returned, to full health and strength. This we ask in Jesus name,