Prayer For Those Who Have Lost Their Job

Loving Lord, we are living in a time of much need and economic hardship, and there are many today who are facing the shock of having lost their job, with little hope of securing a new position.

Father this causes such deep emotional pressure and severe financial hardship at any time, but when the economic climate is so depressed, it has such a serious knock on effect on relationship with loved ones. Look down with pity, I pray on all that are having to come to terms with joblessness… Look on these people with compassion and in Your mercy, I pray that You will provide for their needs and secure for each one a new position.

Lord I know that this can happen to any of us and none are exempt from such a devastating loss – but You have promised to supply all the needs of Your children - and I ask that in Your mercy You will supply all that is needful.

Bring good out of evil Lord and may the loss of a job be the thing that draws each one into the arms of their Saviour – Save and supply the needs of ALL who are facing a future without a job, I pray,