Prayer For Those That Are Engaged To Be Married

Dear Lord Jesus, I pray today for all those that have made the choice to become engaged and spend their lives together in the union of marriage, which You Yourself ordained and blessed. Lord, I pray that You would help all betrothed couples to recognise the sanctity of the promises that they have made to each other, and give them grace to forsake all others and cleave only to each other, for as long as they live, as You ordained.

Give them wisdom and guidance as they start to make their future plans together, and provide each of them with the wise counsel from godly counsellors, so that they may have all that they need to equip themselves for a future together, when they become united as one.

Lord, in a world where the sanctity of marriage is becoming so unpopular, I pray that You would renew a deeper understanding and reverence for the true meaning of marriage, to all engaged couples. Bring each to a deeper understanding that Christ’s love for the Church is a beautiful picture of what marriage for every Christian couple should be.

In this period of engagement, I pray that You would prepare each one for tremendous changes and challenges that their marriage will bring. Help them to overcome all the difficulties that will arise as they adapt their single status into a meaningful marriage partnership. May they grow closer together in love with each other and with You, day by day. In Jesus' name,