Prayer For Those That Are Addicted To Smoking

Heavenly Father, I bring before Your throne of grace all those that are seriously embroiled in any destructive addictions and particularly those that have become addicted to smoking.

Lord, I know that anything that is able to overtake a person's will and cause them to become physically or emotionally dependent on it, is not Your will for their life, for our dependence and sufficiency is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Lord, I know that in their own strength, no one will be able be set free from a smoking addiction, but Your grace is sufficient to deal with any addiction, and Your strength to overcome the obsession with smoking is made perfect when people are prepared to hand over their addictions to You and to surrender their obsessive habits into Your safe-keeping.

Father, I pray that You will be gracious to all those that are seeking Your face on this matter and who are prepared to turn their smoking obsession over to You and move forward in their lives in Your strength, by the power of the Spirit. In the name of Jesus I pray,