Prayer For Those In Need Of A Job

Dear heavenly Father, I come to You today in real need of employment and am getting concerned as I have been out of work for some time, with few opportunities of securing any job.

You know the responsibilities I have and I ask Lord that You would guide me to the right job. I know that there are many people who are in the same situation as I am in and at times Lord I get quite discouraged. Please help me Lord not to be anxious but to know that You are working all things according to Your good plan… Lord at times I feel I am not part of Your plan – and yet I know what the word tells us—that You will work all things together for good to those that love You - even my jobless position.

Help me to trust You in all things and not to fret or become too discouraged. I know we are to live by faith and not by sight—help me Lord to trust in You, I ask this in Jesus name,