Prayer For The Truth To Be Exposed At Work

Loving Father, I have found myself in a situation at my work where the truth is being hidden and a tissue of lies are being told by those that are in management and leadership positions. Lord, I don’t really know what to do or how to handle this matter, but I know Lord, that people are being hurt and in my helplessness, I simply want to hand this matter to You, and pray that You would expose the evil works of darkness and all those that are involved.

Give me wisdom I pray, to know what to do. Prevent me from doing or saying anything that will aggravate the situation or cause more distress, but also I pray that in Your grace You would sort out the situation speedily as it is having far reaching effects on me and many of my work-mates.

Lord, I lift up each of my colleagues that are being affected and pray that You would meet each one at their own point of need, both those that are engaged in the lies that are being spread around and those that are being hurt as a consequence.

Thank You that You are interested in all areas of our lives and as the God of truth, I pray that You will hear and answer my prayer in Your own time and in Your own way to Your glory. In Jesus' name I pray,