Prayer For The Sick

Heavenly Father, I lift up those of your people who are sick. Visit them in mercies and compassion Lord, heal them. Take from them and from us all sickness and all disease. Raise up and comfort those who have lain long in diseases. Set free all those who are vexed with unclean spirits, those who are in prisons or in exile or captivity or held in bitter bondage, O Lord, set them all free and have mercy on them.

For it is you who looses those who are bound and sets up those who are cast down, the hope of the hopeless, the help of the helpless, the comfort of the weak-hearted, the harbor of the tempest-tossed.

To every soul that is in affliction and that is oppressed, give mercy, give rest, give refreshment, give help. And for us also, O Lord, heal the sicknesses of our souls, cure the sicknesses of our bodies, O physician of our souls and our bodies. Overseer of all flesh, heal us O Lord.