Prayer For The Leaders Of All Nations

Lord, I come to You today to pray for the nations of the world and their leaders and governors. Whether a nation is governed by a king or queen, a prince or president, a prime minister or some other form of governance, we pray for each one, that they may fulfil Your plans and Your purposes, in whatever they do, in their lands.

I ask Your blessing on those that are seeking to follow Your ways and I pray for Your pity and mercy on those that are deliberately defying You as the Creator God.

Lord, I know that You are the One that places rulers in their high positions of honour, and You are also the one that removes leaders from their elevated perches. I pray that in Your grace and mercy, You would look down on the nations of the world and intervene with those that are severely oppressing their own people.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord and whether at a national level or in local governance, I pray Your blessing on those men and women that are seeking to follow Your way, as they implement their authority. I also know, Lord, that the opposite is true and that those who defy the living God will come to no good.

Have pity Lord, and convict the leaders of our nations to turn to You. Protect the people that are having to live in nations with a corrupt or evil government. And may the Lord Jesus Himself return very soon to set up His perfect kingdom in this world, when the earth will be filled with a true knowledge of You. In Jesus' name I pray,