Prayer For The Joy Of Companionship

Thank You, Lord, for the joy of companionship and thank You, that You have placed dear friends and Christian companions in each of our lives. What a joy it is to meet and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
But thank You also Lord, that we have such a wonderfully faithful friend in Jesus, who is our never-failing companion, and Who has promised never to leave us nor forsake us. Thank You, that He is with us in every season of life and will never fail us, even during those times when we are forgetful or foolish. Thank You for the daily comfort and precious companionship of the One Who will never let us down.
Thank You, that in Christ we have received newness of life and become a new creation in Him. What a friend we have in Jesus, what joy to know His companionship throughout our earthly life, all praise to His name.