Prayer For The Communion Bread And Cup

Thank You, Father, for this precious time of reverent reflection on all that Christ did for us at Calvary. And as we partake of these hallowed symbols at this holy communion table, we humbly take this bread and bless it and break it, and eat it in remembrance of you, for Your own dear body was broken for us. May we continue to feed on You in our hearts, by faith and with grateful thanks from this day forward, and may we walk worthy of our calling in Christ Jesus and live a life that is honouring to You.

And Lord, may we also come to You today in grateful remembrance of what the Lord Jesus Christ achieved on Calvary’s cross for all or us, when He shed His precious blood on the cross, to pay the enormous price of our sin, and became a ransom for many.

We share this cup of blessing in His name, remembering how He Himself took the cup in the upper room, as the hour of His crucifixion drew near and said, "this is My blood which is shed for many – do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me."

Thank that for this holy sacrament and may I never approach the communion table in an unworthy manner, knowing that as often we eat this bread and drink the cup, we proclaim the Lord's death until His coming again, in great glory and majesty. Praise Your holy name.