Prayer For The Christmas Holiday

Heavenly Father, Christmas-time is such a blessed season of the year as we remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ in a stable in Bethlehem, and how we thank You for giving Your only begotten Son to be born into this world, so that by His death and resurrection, He could become our Saviour, and we could become Your children.

Thank You for the wonderful hope that the Christmas message instils into each of our hearts, and the glorious message of the gospel of peace. Peace with God to all Who believe in His name and the peace with God for all who have become Your children.
Help us never to minimise the importance of that time when as our great, eternal Creator God, You broke into human history and became God incarnate, identifying with a race of fallen men, by taking on a body the human flesh, so that You could empathise with out frailty and learn obedience by the things that You suffered.
Lord, I thanks You from the bottom of my heart for all Your goodness and grace to us, and for loving us so much that You chose to be born into our race so that we might be identified with Your righteousness. Praise Your holy name.