Prayer For the Anxious Air Traveller

Loving Lord, I pray that You would be with me as I plan and prepare for this forthcoming journey. Lord – You know that I get anxious when I have to travel far from home, but this is a journey that I need to make.

Lord I pray that You would guide me as I collect all the paperwork and pack my bags and that I would not forget any important documents or any other necessities that I may need while I am away.

Lord I pray that there will be no delays in the journey to the airport and that I may find the right terminals and checkout and that You would be with me as my ever present Helper. Give me Your peace in my heart as I have to go through the different check-points. And Lord I pray that You would keep us safe as we take off and land. Oh Lord I ask that it may be an enjoyable flight - despite my being a little nervous of flying – thank You Lord that You will be with me throughout the whole journey and may I be filled with Your peace throughout the whole time.

Should there be someone that I sit next to that needs to know about You Lord – give me the courage to speak the truth about You – and thank You that You have promised to be with me wheresoever I travel – in Jesus name,