Prayer For Teenager Entrapped in Pornography

Dead God, someone showed me something, which started me on the road to excessive pornography, and God I have struggled to break free but always end up getting back into it. I don’t know what to do and I want to stop – God I wish that I had never seen that first picture, because it seems to have lit a fire inside me that is burning my very heart out. Please help me I pray.

I know porn is evil and I know that many people of all ages are sucked into it – but every time that I try to break free from the habit I return back again. God, I know that my parents would be shocked and saddened to know that I have this addiction to porn and ask that in Your grace You would show me what I should do.

Lord I started to read the Bible, and I pray that as I read through.. You would show me how I can break the habit permanently – I believe that Jesus is able to help break this addiction in other people, and I am asking You to help me to break it in my life too.

Lord I have been reading Ephesians chapter 6, which talks about the armour of God, and although I realise that I have to make a choice myself, to stop my involvement with porn.. I am beginning understand that as I submit my will to the Holy Spirit, that by His grace, He will help me through this difficult time. Forgive me for the part that I have played in seeking after dirty things and may I learn how to live my life as You would have me live – I ask this in Jesus name.