Prayer For Strength To Resist Temptations

Dear Lord Jesus, I ask for Your strength and help to resist ungodly temptations and not to give in, knowing that to do is not to glorify You and does me nothing but emotional and spiritual harm.

Help me to take every tempting thought captive and hand it over to You before it takes a hold of me and does harm to me or to other people. Help me in my weakness to know You as my strength, and help me in my foolishness to know You as my wisdom. Help me I pray, to resist all forms of temptation and give me the strength to say no and walk away from temptation, especially when there are others involved, who directly or indirectly, willingly or unknowingly. are encouraging my downfall. And deliver me Lord I pray, from habits that are entrapping and enslaving me in actions that are detrimental to my spiritual health and walk.

Replace the thoughts that tempt and tease me with those that turn my focus on Jesus, and help me in all things and learn to say, "Thy will not mine be done." In Jesus' name I pray,