Prayer For Spiritual Restoration

Forgive me Father God, I have realised that I have become so engrossed in my own affairs and interests that I have wandered far away from You and my life seems to be pretty meaningless.

Thank You, Lord, that in Your grace You have sustained me thus far, but I know Father that I need to get my life back on a spiritual level. I do thank and praise You that in Your grace You have got my attention and made me realise my need to return back into a right relationship with You.

Thank You for sustaining me even when I had wandered far from You, and thank You that Your steadfast love never ceases and that Your tender mercies are new every morning. You are a great and faithful God. Help me I pray, to get a proper perspective on life and I ask that You would restore the joy of my salvation. Help me to keep my eyes looking to Jesus my feet firmly planted on the road of righteousness and peace. This I ask in Jesus' name,