Prayer For Spiritual Leaders

Pour out Your Spirit we pray, on Christian leaders and those that are guiding or teaching a little flock of believers, so that there is an reawakening of the desperate need for each Christian believer to stand transparent before our God – and to give the Holy Spirit permission to search out the inner thoughts of our hearts – so that He may identify each and every area of our inner life that grieve Him or quenches His working within our lives.

Lord we all need to repent not only individually but as the body of Christ for the careless ways into which so many of us have slipped. Help us to remember the spiritual heights from whence we have fallen and to return to You and Your standards. Help us to seek Your face, not only individually but corporately – as the body of Christ and as Your representative Church on earth.

We pray that this may be the inner challenge for many leaders and pastors as well as those whom they lead – and we pray that you would give each one a deep desire for their own inner cleansing and sense of spiritual brokenness before You, so that those they teach and those who learn would be similarly challenged to lay bare their own hearts before the inner scrutiny of the Spirit within

Revive the hearts and spirits of those that have been gifted as pastors or called to be elders in their various church groups and assemblies. May each one seek Your face for their own inner cleansing and give them a renewed urgency to humble themselves before You, so that they encourage others to keep their eyes on Jesus and come to a realisation that without You we can do nothing – in Jesus name we pray,