Prayer For Soul Cleansing

Father God, be gracious to me I pray, according to Your loving- kindness. Father, my sins are heavy against me and my soul is troubled for the many wrongs I have done against You, and for the many evil thoughts and unholy attitudes I have allowed to influence my heart and rule my life, for far to long.

I have sought to condone my wrongdoings, and ignore the voice of my conscience within, and I ask Your forgiveness for my foolish pride, in ignoring the gentle promptings of Your Holy Spirit.

Forgive me I pray, and restore to me the joy of Your salvation, for You have promised that all who truly confess their sins will be forgiven and returned back into a right relationship with You, and cleansed from all unrighteousness.

Lord, the sacrifice of my heart is brokenness before You, my soul is truly contrite and my desire is to return into a right relationship with You. I know that the consequences of my wrong choices may remain with me for a long time, but I ask that in Your grace and mercy You would forgive my sins, cleanse my soul and restore me into a right relationship with Yourself, and my heart will rejoice in God my Saviour, in Whose name I pray,