Prayer For Someone In Despair

Loving Lord I lift up to You all those that are going through a season of despair and desperation, and pray that You would meet each one at their particular point of need – and knowing that Jesus is the only answer to every problem in life, we pray that You would make Yourself known to each one, in a new and very special way. 

Lord, You came to heal the broken-hearted and to set at liberty those that are captive to sin and Satan.  And despair is like a prison door that shuts the needy man or woman away from their only source of freedom and healing.. that can meet their deepest need, and so we pray that You would break the chains that bind each person that is despairing today and in need of deliverance.

Lord, You are the source of all comforts and the consolation of all those that are needy, and Yours is the only peace that delivers them from the bondage of their inner turmoil and deep despair. Lift up each one from the gloom of what entraps them and open the eyes of their heart to the One Who died for them on the cross and rose again.. so that He could carry them through the darkest hours of life and bring them safely through this increasingly evil world into the light of life that only He can supply  - this we ask in Jesus name,