Prayer For Scholarship Interview

Dear Lord Jesus, I am quite nervous, as I have been asked to attend an interview for a scholarship for which I have applied. Oh Lord, this is such an amazing opportunity and I pray that You will lead and guide me in all the necessary preparations I will have to make, as well as enabling me to face the interview panel with poise, wisdom and courage.

Lord, I know that my times are in Your hands and that You know exactly the path I am going to take, even though I do not, yet I do so want to do my best and to properly prepare for this interview, and I pray that You would guide me as to how best to present myself at the meeting, and help me to get a feel of the questions I should be asking and answering.

I pray that I may find grace in the eyes of the panel and that You would be with me in the days that lie ahead, as I prepare myself for this wonderful opportunity that I know You have graciously given me. Thank You Lord, in Jesus' name,