Prayer For Sanctifying Grace

Heavenly Father, I thank You that I am justified by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, but I desire to live a life that is set apart to You.. to live a sanctified life that is honouring to Your name – but Lord, I know that only as Jesus lives in me and works through me will I be able to live the sanctified life that You desired.. and grow in grace and mature in the faith as You word instructs.. and so I come today to ask You for sanctifying grace to live the life I have been called to live. I pray that You would pour out Your sanctifying grace in great measure, so that I can avoid what is evil and do that which is pleasing in Your sight.
I pray that my whole spirit, soul and body would be kept blameless before You and that I would shun that which is evil, abstain from sexual immorality and walk blameless before You, in love – and not me only Lord but I pray that all those that have trusted the Lord Jesus as Saviour would develop a deep desire to be holy - for You are holy.
Thank You that You have promised to work in all You children, so that we may be found blameless on the day of Christ Jesus.
I pray that You would give me the grace to be salt and light to those around me and to break free from any sinful lust or worldly desires, so that I may be found blameless on that day when I stand before You - this I ask in Jesus name,