Prayer For Safe Travel During A Vacation

Loving Father, I thank You that You provide us with times when we are able to stand aside from the business of the world. It was You Who took Your own disciples aside to rest awhile, and I thank You for this vacation, so that I too may take time apart and gain physical refreshment and renewal. And not only physical Lord, but emotional and spiritual refreshment too.

As I set out on my vacation, I ask that You give me travelling mercies. Be with me Lord, as I set out on my journey and keep me from any unforeseen dangers or accidents that would cause anxiety or difficulties. Watch over me and protect me I pray, wherever I may be, whether among the busy crowds or during those times of quiet solitude.

I pray that this may be a time when I am replenished in body, mind and spirit, so that I may return home refreshed, renewed and ready to return to my daily work. Thank You, Lord, for Your generous provision. In Jesus' name,