Prayer For Right Perspective On Wealth

Heavenly Father, I know that Your ways and understanding are so far removed from my own that I come before You now to ask that You would teach me Your ways so that I may align my will to Your will and my prayers to the desires of Your heart. Lord, that I may seek Your ways, think Your thoughts that You would have me think and live the life that You would have me to live.

Lord, as I pass through life everything that I see around me of the way the world operates and means that men use to accomplish success is diametrically opposed to all that Your word calls us to be.. and Father I know that I could so easily be swept into this way of thinking and behaving – so teach me Your ways, give me an understanding of all that You would have me do and show me the way that You would have me go.

Lord I know that accumulated wealth, power and fame is so often what the world views as successful.. and there is one part of me that would like all three – but I also have witness a harvest of poverty that this triad of success produces in the lives of those that pursue this pathway – so Lord keep my desires for success to be purified in the fires of Your will for my life and keep me from seeking after a mess of potage when You have prepared a feast for me in the heavenly realm – Lord I ask that my life may glorify Your name, not only in this age but in the ages to come… I ask this in Jesus name