Prayer For Recovery Through Jesus Christ

Loving Heavenly Father, thank You that You sent Jesus to heal the sick, both sickness in the body and the sickness of the soul. Thank You that through His death and resurrection, Jesus broke the power of sin and sickness, of death and hell, and how I praise and thank You for Your tender love and deep compassion to all of us, who were dead in trespasses and sin and without hope in the world.

Thank You that Jesus is our eternal Saviour and great Physician and that He came to bear all our sicknesses, afflictions, suffering and pain.

I pray that You would come and visit me in my sickness, and that You would grant me relief and release from the illness that is eating away at my strength and causing me such discomfort and pain. Lord, I believe that Your power of old is ever new and that You are willing and able to make me well.

Grant me the grace and patience to wait Your timing, knowing that Your strength is made perfect in my weakness. Touch me today I pray, bring me back to full health and feed my heart with Your love so that I may draw ever closer to You with every passing day. I ask this in Jesus' name,