Prayer For Reconciliation In Our Marriage.

Dear Lord, my marriage has almost fallen apart and I hardly know when things started to go wrong. Things have become increasingly difficult and fraught and the love that we once had for each other seems to be dying. I hate the thought of divorce and was shocked when it was first suggested.  I come to You Lord, asking that You guide and direct us both in this increasingly hurtful situation.

Lord, I don’t want us to separate or get divorced. I pray that in some wonderful way You will use this as a wake-up call for us both to seek You with all our hearts, and to change the way we treat each other. I pray that we may begin to apply proper biblical principles in our marriage, rather than dragging each other down by what we say, or don’t say.

Lord, I know that by my attitude and actions, I have not been the husband/wife that You would have wanted me to be, but rather have not considered my spouse in the way that would please You.

I pray that it may not be too late for reconciliation and ask that in Your grace and mercy, You would enable us both to move forward together, by placing You in Your rightful position as ultimate head of our family.

Protect the innocent parties in our failing marriage and forgive me for all my foolish actions. Make me the man/woman that You would have me to be. In Jesus' name I pray,