Prayer For Perseverance Under Family Criticism

Heavenly Father, we know that so often it is the members of our own families and household, and those we dearly love who are the ones who are most often hostile to our love for You and our witness of the glorious gospel of grace. Lord, You know the verbal accusations and other forms of criticism and ridicule we so often have to endure from our nearest and dearest and ask that You would give us the wisdom and strength to endure such trials, and to demonstrate the love of Jesus in our responses, so that You may be glorified and they may be irresistibly drawn to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord, we ask that You would guard the spiritual pulse of our inner heart and pray that You would give us the grace to persevere under this constant barrage of family criticism. Give us the wisdom to know when to speak and when to remain silent, and may our love for You eclipse any intimidation we may feel from family criticism and ridicule, and give us grace to remain a faithful and true witness to You. In Jesus' name,