Prayer For Perseverance For All Soldiers Of Christ

Father, we praise and thank You for the great example of men and women of faith, who down through the ages have become such beautiful examples of those who in Your grace, were able to stand fast in the evil times, in which they lived. And we also want to lift up all those today, who like them are seeking to live godly in Christ Jesus and who like them, are facing times of increasing difficulty.

Thank You for the example of these faithful folk who remained steadfast in their faith and patiently endured many difficulties, despite the overwhelming trials they were called to face. Help us like them, to stand firm in the wicked times in which we live and may all those who seek to live godly in Christ Jesus remain steadfast in the faith and persevere as faithful soldiers of Christ, as together we run the race that is set before us in Your power and strength. In Jesus' name,