Prayer For Patient Endurance To The End

Loving Lord, I thank You for the many witnesses of the faith who have demonstrated that Your power and might is sufficient for all the dangers and disappointments, suffering and pain that we may encounter on our spiritual progress through life. Thank You for the lessons You have taught us through the unparalleled witness of Your servant Job, the severe and sustained trials and tribulations that he endured and the glorious outcome at the end of his journey, when he was able to cry out in humility of heart, I have heard of You with my ears but now I have seen You with my eyes with my spiritual eyes of understanding.

Father, I know that there is much about my journey through life that I do not understand, but Lord I trust You, for You have scheduled every day of my life and there are no dangers or disappointments, suffering or pain of which You are unaware, and which You will not use for Your greater glory and my eternal good. I pray that even though I do not understand the reason for so many of the difficulties that I have to endure, that You will provide me with the sufficient grace I need to persevere to the end. Lord, I believe that my times are in Your hands and I trust You to bring me through to a final and triumphant conclusion.

Strengthen and uphold me in the power of Your Spirit, and sustain and comfort me I pray, so that in all things I may patiently endure to the end to Your praise and glory. I humbly ask this in the name of Jesus,