Prayer For Our Loved Ones With Memory Loss

Heavenly Father, it is so hard to come to terms with the realization  that our loved ones have been struck down with some sort of dementia or loss of memory. And Lord it seems even harder to have to accept that the person You loved so dearly has become a stranger in Your midst.. with little or no recollection of who you are. 

We pray for all who are having to go through this painful experience, and the grief and loss they feel, as the one they loved so dearly has become estranged and distant from them. We pray for strength and support  for all who are having to mourn this tragic loss, despite their physical presence.. and ask that You would comfort and strengthen all in this difficult situation. 

But we also pray for those who have lost their memory and the internal confusion and difficulty that must go with losing ones memories..  forgetting who you are and not even recognizing those that are your close loved ones. We pray that You would draw very close to all who are suffering memory loss at this time, and we pray that You would touch the inner reaches of their heart and mind and give them the special comfort and precious peace that only comes from You. This we ask in the name of Jesus – our Saviour and God,