Prayer For Neither Poverty Nor Riches

Heavenly Father, I want to thank You for Your grace and mercy to me and towards all people. Lord, I hesitate to approach You on the subject of wealth, for Lord I know that there is much abuse of wealth, not only in the acquiring and accumulating it, through suspect ways or shady means, but in particular in praying to You for to provide wealth, especially by those who lead people astray - often suggesting the use of a prayer formula, to effectively twist Your arm to provide the prosperity they think they deserve, rather than seeking for You for the provision they really need.

Lord, as I come to You with my request, I pray that You would guide my prayers with wisdom as I pray to You for “wealth.” Lord, I do not mean an obscene amount of wealth, but rather that You would provide me with sufficient means so that I do not become discouraged with my poverty and lack.

Lord, I know that You have promised to provide for the needs all Your children, but I find myself in a situation where I hardly know which way to turn regarding my finances. And the temptation to acquire some money in an ungodly way or by dishonest means is ever before me. Lord, there is a verse in the Bible where someone prays, “Give me neither poverty nor riches.

Lord, I too come before You to ask that You would graciously supply me with sufficient wealth, but also I pray that You would keep me from the greedy attitude that is so prevalent with those who have great abundance.

Lord, in all things I lay myself in humility at You feet, knowing that I am helpless to properly provide for my needs and those of my family. In Jesus' name,