Prayer For My Unborn Grandchild

Heavenly Father, I do praise and thank You for my children and for bringing them safely to adulthood, and what a joy it is to know that this thrilling gift of new human life has been given to my own child, as we wait for the birth of their unborn baby, my own little grand-child.

How wonderful to realise that this, as yet unborn treasure, is a gift of God’s grace to our family. How precious to realise that this little baby is created in Your image, for which I thank and praise You.

Guard and protect I pray, this little life from all dangers and complications as he or she is being formed in the womb, and I pray that Your hand of blessing and grace may rest upon the whole family. Lord, I just want to say thank You for this little grand-child and for the joy that has already flooded our hearts as we wait in anticipation for the day when this new little person will join our family circle. In Jesus name,