Prayer For My Sister’s Wedding

Heavenly Father, what a joy to know that my lovely sister is to be married to the wonderful man that You have in Your grace brought into her life. Father, I pray that You would be with both of them as they made the necessary plans for their wedding, and I pray that the tensions that so often infiltrate into wedding plans will be dissolved into Your grace that surrounds them both.

Father, I pray that You would go before them, and draw them both ever closer to each other and to You, and that You would be given the central place in their marriage from the very start. Lord, I know that there are always snags and problems that surface when two people commit their lives to each other, but Lord I also know that this is often to smooth away the rough edges from them both, as You conform each one into the image of the Lord Jesus. Do this I pray for my sister and her future husband and may their life together be one that is flooded with Your grace, not that You necessarily remove the inevitable difficulties that comes with married life, but rather that You would be their sufficiency in all the problems that they may have to face together.

I pray that my dear sister will take the correct way and be the submissive wife that so delights Your heart and that her fiancé would similarly become a husband that truly loves his wife as Christ loved the Church, and gave Himself for her.

Lord, this truly is a wonderful time as we prepare for her wedding and I just want to hand my sister, her future husband and all the plans for the wedding into Your hands. In Jesus' name,