Prayer For My Family As I Am Face Cancer

Dear Lord Jesus, You have called us to come to You when we are in trouble or heavy laden and You will give us rest, hope and comfort. I come to You today, knowing that I have a been diagnosed with cancer that is so far advanced that I have been given but a short time to live. Lord, this is a shock and yet I want to trust You through it. Give me the courage I pray.

Give me the strength and courage to leave this evil cancer in Your hands, knowing that You have scheduled every day of my life and this is no surprise to You.

Be with my dear family, as I know that their hope seems to be shattered and they are in deep distress. I ask Lord, that through my illness You will draw each of them that I love into a saving faith and full fellowship with Yourself.

I pray that You would heal me, but whether I live or die, I lay my life into Your strong hands, and thank You that I am Your child.

Thank You that I can come to You and there find rest for my soul.