Prayer For My Cheating Wife

Lord, my wife is cheating on me and it is so painful, and so I come to You in the name of Jesus to not only lay my marriage – but my entire life at Your feet. I pray that in Your grace,. the bond between the wife that I love, and this other man will be shattered completely.. and that You would remove the attraction they have for one another - and break any hold that he may have over her.

Lord I pray that You would do a miracle in the heart of my wife and help her to see how wrong she is to jeopardise our marriage in this way. Convict her of her sin.. and bring her to Your throne of grace in godly repentance, and with a total change of heart. But I also pray that You would do a work in my own heart – because my intense anger and jealousy is boiling within, because the pain is so acute.

Lord I know that marriages today are being attacked by the enemy, but I never thought that I would be affected in this way, with my own wife cheating on me.. but I ask that You would do something to terminate this extra-marital affair and return the wife of my youth into my arms once more – this I ask in Jesus name,