Prayer For Money To Support My Children

Dear Lord Jesus, I bring my aching heart to You and especially my need to support and provide for my children. Lord, as the economy seems to be increasingly fragile and so many people are finding themselves in great financial difficulties, I ask that in Your grace You would look down in pity on me and my children and supply all that we need.

I think of the widow, whose pot of meal was never empty and the little cruise of oil did not run dry, and I know that You are a God Who provides in so many different ways for each of Your children.

I pray that whatever way You choose, that my daily needs and those of my children will be provided by You. Lord, I know that You have said that before they call I will answer, and You already know my need for today, and so I am trusting You to provide what we need today. And though it may not be by giving me a little cruise of oil that never runs dry, I pray for Your provision today for all we need. Thank You that You have heard my cry. In Jesus' name I pray,