Prayer For Mom's Memory Loss

Dear Lord, I love my Mom so much but it is so sad to see the way that she has been losing her memory over the last months, and is getting to the point where she is becoming so confused that she often does not remember our names or even recognize who we are. 

Lord this degenerative process and loss of memory is so painful.. and at times I just want to sob my eyes out as my own precious Mom is becoming so frail and vulnerable. And yet as I watch her I also have a heart filled with thanksgiving and praise, that You ordained that she would be my mother and I would be her child – and I praise and thank You that the day is coming when we will be together with glorified bodies and living in Your presence. Thank You for the blessed hope that we have in You, and the glorious day when You have promised to wipe away all our tears from our eyes and heal all our pain.

How I praise and thank You for that blessed hope.. but in the meantime I ask that You would give us all the grace and patience to love my precious mother through her failing memory and may Your joy and peace remain in her heart