Prayer For Me To Work Nearer Home

Heavenly Father, I do thank you for graciously providing this job for me so that I in turn can fend for my own family, but Lord, it means that I am having to work far away from my home, with long spells apart from family, and this is placing quite a strain on all of us.

Lord, it was You who instituted marriage and You were the one that ordained that a man and woman would live together and be united as one, but we are constantly separated and this is hard to bear. Please look on our situation and I ask that You would move me to a job closer to home, which will enable me to spend more time with the family and not to be apart for so long at a time.

Keep me patient as I wait Your good and perfect time and give me I pray, Your sufficient strength. Keep us ever looking to You as the rock upon which our life and family is founded. In Jesus' name I pray,